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MaVynee Betsch, better known as the Beach Lady, was a woman of passion. Her undying love for American Beach, her connection to nature and her passion for preserving the beauty of the Beach, make her the ideal namesake for the Beach Lady Inn. Throughout her life, MaVynee had a burning desire to create a place to honor the heritage of the American Beach. That dream was realized in the American Beach Inn.

About the Inn

The American Beach Inn is a three-story structure situated right across from the beach itself. The main building includes a Bed & Breakfast, where residents and vacationers alike can rest and enjoy the sights and sounds of the historic American Beach. Careful remodeling has created a cozy bed-and-breakfast-style inn that perfectly captures the ambiance of the historic area while embracing the comforts and amenities that today’s vacationers need.

Alongside the inn itself sits the American Beach Cafe. Here, vacationers can enjoy meals within view of the ocean, experiencing the culture of American Beach that the original Beach Lady loved so much. On the second and third floors of the American Beach Cafe, visitors can tour the American Beach Gift Shop, the realization of MaVynee’s original dream. The entire facility stands as a testament to the impact of one woman and her love for nature.

A Continued Desire to Preserve and Protect

At the heart of the Inn, Cafe and Museum is the desire and passion that fueled the Beach Lady’s life – to conserve and rebuild the beaches of American Beach, educate people about the unique history of the American Beach community and raise awareness of the environmental and cultural concerns facing the area today.

So come and see the American Beach Inn for yourself. Experience the natural beauty of American Beach, learn about its history and culture and fall in love with this treasured piece of land. Whether you come for a weekend at the Inn, an afternoon lunch at the cafe or a few hours at the gift shop, you will be awed by the calm, natural beauty surrounding you.

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